Dimitris Anastasiou - The Surgery
pencil on paper

Don Donaghy, Untitled, 1960s

“Once upon a time we loved each other.”
Marlene Dietrich veiled by cigarette smoke in Shanghai Express (von Sternberg, 1932).

The Virgin Spring (1960)

TV IS BORING  Dazed & Confused 1994 Photographer: Rankin Stylist: Katie Grand

Eccentric Growth, Louise Bourgeois, c. 1963-67, red ink on paper

Scotch and Soda Spring-Summer 2014 ph: Annmarieke Van Drimelen

The Lovers of Paris [purchase]

Daniel Kasman reports back from the Melbourne International Film Festival on Everest climbed & filmed, Commedia all’italiana, Saul Bass’s ant psychoscape, & Jean-Pierre Léaud. Read it now on Notebook.
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Warning, the following is a graphic image:



If you adopt a stray, formerly chained adult male pit bull and bring him in your house do NOT let him around your kids. It is dangerous. He is going to want to cuddle all day. Your kids will stop listening to you because they are “busy loving Oscar”. He is unstable. We never know when he is going to kiss one of us or try to crawl in our laps. We know this image is hard to look at but we thought America should know the truth about this dangerous dog. - Oscar’s Family

album art